“We absolutely loved the performance- so many people were touched by it.” Event Coordinator, Philadelphia

        "You've really captured the spirituality of Sister Faustina - excellent." Mother Superior, Pennsylvania

Saint Faustina - Messenger of Mercy is a story of Jesus's abundant Mercy. The script is created solely from selections from Divine Mercy In My Soul, the Diary of Sister M. Faustina Kowalska. The texts are not read, but dramatically portrayed in the persona of Sister Faustina -- her experiences of the Diary come alive. With the exception of briefly sung psalms, a Polish hymn that Sister Faustina writes about in her Diary, and the Sanctus, nothing is added to Saint Faustina's words and writings. 

To invite the listener into Sister Faustina's humble and intimate convent life, no special lighting or large scenery sets are needed to present the story.  The presentation is adaptable to any space large or small.  The Saint Faustina performance is appropriate for all ages, including small children.

The drama is presented in seven scenes, with each scene reflecting significant moments in her life, her growth in faith and virtue, her love for the Sacraments, the Virgin Mary and her relationship with Jesus. The drama also includes the background to the image of Divine Mercy, Divine Mercy Sunday and the prayer "The Chaplet of Divine Mercy."  

The Seven Scenes:
+ Jesus personally calls Helen Kowalska to the convent
+ Jesus teaches Sister Faustina obedience to His holy will
+ Sister Faustina trusts God's grace through sorrow and illness
+ Jesus commissions the painting of the image of Divine Mercy 
+ Sister Faustina's relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary
       teaches her humility and develops her love for Jesus
+ Sister Faustina's fervent love for Jesus in the Most
       Blessed Sacrament sustains her through difficulties
+ The Lord gives her the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and expresses
       His desire for Divine Mercy Sunday.
Nancy Scimone can also lead the "Chaplet of Divine Mercy" prayer. After the performance, she welcomes questions about Saint Faustina and the Diary.