"At the Feet of Jesus" is the compelling one-woman drama celebrating Mary Magdalene's redeeming and enduring love for Jesus, and His love and mercy for her ...and for each of us. 

My story seeks to honor her in a respectful and engaging way. Thousands of words have been written about this remarkable woman, yet unfortunately many have recklessly misrepresented both her and sacred scripture. 

Mary Magdalene's courage and integrity inspire us today.  She was one of only four people remaining at the foot of the cross at Jesus' crucifixion.  And, at the request of Jesus, she is the first to herald His resurrection to the world.  The Apostle to the Apostles … this is her legacy.

But how Mary transcends from her difficult beginnings to this divine appointment is what my story celebrates. Trust, repentance, mercy, forgiveness, rejoicing.  Through Jesus' love and mercy, she understands the purpose that God desired for her.   My hope is that each of us finds a part of ourselves in Mary Magdalene.   I composed original music for the drama, sung a cappella.

The story is Scripturally  based, and uses approved writings.  The drama runs about 65 minutes, and requires no large scenery or special lighting.  It is a perfect program for church events, women's conferences, retreats, and inspirational worship events.  For ages 12 to 120.

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